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What is OurTrain?

OurTrain is a non-partisan network of young California voters and professionals who support and are helping to shape the California High Speed Rail project. Our goal is to educate the public and ensure that the project is completed with as much input from young voters as possible.

What We Do

We believe that, as the generation with the greatest stake in the project, our voices should be heard as decisions are being made. Providing factual, objective, and relatable information about high-speed rail is crucial to ensuring that high-speed rail is a success.

Facts About HSR

Heard rumors about high-speed rail and would like to verify them? Simply looking to be well-versed about the facts? Check out our "Facts About HSR" page to learn more about the impact, cost, and projections for the completed system. Also, find out how you can get involved and demonstrate your support!?

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California High Speed Rail Authority Board Meeting 7/10/12

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